Amaiga (Completed)

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Entry 429 04/10/07 00:00
Khalon watched Haing as he talked about this necklace. He almost pitied him. He thought it strange that this boy cared so much about a necklace, but if it's all that he could remember, and it kept him safe, then he couldn't blame him. Khalon knelt down on one knee and looked the boy.

"These visions you have. The girl in them. Maybe she is your sister but, she is with a noble family." Khalon looked at the horizon. The cold drifted along the ground. "Is it possible you perhaps separated from her at some point?"
Entry 430 05/10/07 00:00
'I can't remember, I don't think so though. Other than in our eyes, she had, I think, red hair and paler skin than I do. She didn't look like she was in these parts. And her mouth moves in my memory in a way where I can't understand what she's saying in this language. Maybe I came from a foreign place? I don't know? But that necklace might just be a necklace, but it's a guardian angel to me.

He thought again, whenever he wore the necklace he always seemed to get out of the worst situations. But that was just luck, now he had to rely solely on his intelligence, but at the rate he was going he was doubting himself.
Entry 431 08/11/07 00:00
Khalon stood up again from his crouching position. He wrapped the cloak tight around himself as the cool breeze became almost frozen. He glanced about the lands and looked back at the boy, sitting at his feet.

"That's interesting," Khalon mumbled, his voice quickly withdrawn into the wind. "There are no races with different languages in Riiga, of course with red hair and pale skin..."

Khalon knelt beside Haing again, wrapping his cloak around the shivering boy. "What is it exactly that's troubling you? I mean, it seems that you just have bad luck without this necklace..."
Latest Post Entry 433 12/11/07 00:00
'I think... I think I'm insane...' he mumbled after a while, shivering and breathing heavily.

'Perhaps without this necklace, I can now imagine the real world, my real mind, it left me boundless in imagination. Maybe I need to be disciplined and know a real life.' The grey in his right eye began to go just a plain white after a while. He looked at the ceiling and finally accepted what he had been refusing his entire life.

'I think this imagination is because of my blind eye. I imagine things, and pretend they are real, perhaps this necklace was a fragment of what I believed was real. It never existed, I made it exist.'

But then a thought ran through his mind.
But, then how come my eyelid isn't giving him problems, maybe I obstructed my lens in an accident. But it left no trace except for my limited vision. But then, my vision would come back and be normal.

He took the dagger in his left hand and scraped it along his right forearm.
A fine stream of blood was flowing down.
'There's blood. I'm not imagining things. It's from my halfway point from my elbow to my wrist, right?'
This was wrong, it began from his elbow to his halfway point.

'Slap me once if I'm wrong. Don't slap me at all if I'm right. If I'm wrong, you can turn me in to the justice system; I'm insane.'
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