Amaiga (Completed)

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Entry 408 26/08/07 00:00
‘I need new clothes.’ Haing walked over near the lake and dove his entire arm inside of it. He quickly wiped his brow, spreading mud all over his face to contrast the white on his body. He hastily jerked up his belt of his pants while doing so, spreading mud all over his trousers.

He looked at his belt, adjusting it; he placed the dagger hold in the middle of his waist. He sighed and looked up at the lake. It reflected the quickly darkening sky above. His eyes darted closer to the water to look at his own reflection.

‘A wasted individual that seems to have no right to live.’ His pants began to slip again, he hastily jerked them up once more and tied a random broken piece of string to it so that it may stop the falling.

‘What the heck.’ He threw a pebble into the water to distort his image. Everything was affected but his eyes. Which glared at him the entire time. Still angered with his eyes looking at him so angrily, he waded into the water at near-chest level
Entry 409 26/08/07 00:00
Not far up from where the land meets the blue waters of the lake, there sat a man on a bench against one of the buildings, hiding in the shadow of the veranda. The man sat there with his cape pulled over his body, watching a young boy as we waded chest-deep into the lake, looking rather annoyed and upset. He watched with curiosity and, after a little while, he removed himself from the stone-hard wooden bench and trudged over to the boy. Stopping not two meters from the water he waited, putting on a sinister look and seeing if the boy would notice him standing there.
Entry 410 27/08/07 00:00
Being as observant as he was, Haing turned his head, then his whole body to look at the figure.

'What,' he observed the figure for a bit before continuing.
'Is it odd that an orphan ends his life at this very lake? Who would cry for a bandit?'

He grabbed his dagger with his left hand and held out his right arm, gently he placed the dagger on top of his wrist.

That smile you placed on your face. I can't read it. I'm curious to see your reaction to what I'm going to do next.' His left arm began to shake like wild, then his dagger fell into the water with a plop.

He stared at it as it gently scooped up a pile of dust, while his wrist had actually drawn a bit of blood. His face had widened and paled as this had happened.

'I'm a joke. You can laugh if you're hiding it in.' Perhaps it was because he hadn't talked to anybody in ages, that he was talking so much. He was embarrassing himself with his own words.
Entry 411 27/08/07 00:00
The man stood there watching the boy and the strange actions that followed. His sinister look slowly disappeared and he hooked his mouth into a smile, a friendly smile. 

"Hey, kid. I'm not hear to hurt you or whatever you think I'm going to do." He said, noticing the blood. "You should get something on that wrist of yours, before you pass out."

The man took a few steps closer, careful not to make Haing do anything else to hurt himself. "But... if you don't want me to help you, then at least get out of that lake, it's probably in there too."
Entry 412 28/08/07 00:00
'I can handle myself!' he said, shaking like crazy, the cold of the water was getting to him.

'Though I'm a new hazard to myself.' he muttered as he looked at the man closer.

'I've lived here for a few years, I don't think I've ever seen you around. Are you visiting? In my opinion, there's not much to see or do in this town.' He dove under the surface for a few seconds to grab his dagger, as he waded out of the water, he waved it in the air to dry it off a tad bit. He also managed to jerk up his trousers some while doing so.

He was a mess at this point. His white clothes were now a mix of colours. And the mud seemed to stick all about his body.

'And what do you mean about "in there"?' He took a stone and threw it at a tree, only to be ricocheted and bounce on his forehead to knock him off balance.

As he regained his balance, he noticed a slight movement in the bushes. He didn't say anything of it though.
Entry 413 28/08/07 00:00
He looked at the boy again, "Yes, I'm sure you can handle yourself. You know, we're actually not that different, you and I. I once once like you, an Orphan, no money, dirty scraggly clothes, no one, it was hard... but one day, you will become as strong as I have." He kept his eyes fixed on Haing's eyes. "Being alone only makes you stronger, but not right away."

The smile from the man disappeared and returned no other look but the natural position of his face. 

"Wait, you said you live here?" The man repeated. "Then... then you probably already have it. Hell, everyone dn one of these innocent people might have it... Gah! Curse you..." The last part he muttered. "No, I won't think like this... maybe... maybe you don't have it."
Entry 414 28/08/07 00:00
Haing decided to use this time to start tying up his right wrist and looking for a good place to steal the mans money.
'Incompetent, incapable, I'll prove them wrong. And that man, he's quite an odd one, I've never seen anybody of his likes before.'

The movement had rustled the bushes again, Haing decided to chase after it this time.

Also, I hope you know, I don't believe in strength, I believe in intelligence and perserverence. That's exactly why I never cried when it had happened.
As he said this, he tilted his head to the right a bit, and closed his eyes as if he was fending the memories off.

The rustling stopped, as did Haing, he stood still for a bit, then felt his leg be grabbed and he jumped into a tree using all of his wind power by accident.
Entry 415 08/09/07 00:00
Stressed out by this act, Haing looked at the man and said,

'I am deeply terrified of snakes. How slithy and slippery they are they crawl up and down my legs and what a feeling I receive, almost like ice being pushed and scraped up and down my back many times.'

He sighed, looked at the sky then yanked up his trousers. As he did so, there seemed to be a large scar along both the insides of his thighs.

'Mainly the reason why is because they constantly remind me of cold and old memories. Just sliding up and down my mind. If I could let go of those memories as I could a snake, I could be happy and normal. But I'm far from that stage now.'

He held his dagger in his hand for a few moments, ripping the remains of his bandages with it. He never grabbed the part he cut off. So it flew in the wind, just when his body shook inside his damp clothes.

Why couldn't I be a bird, or a piece of ribbon, or an unwanted memory, why didn't they finish me up when they had the chance. He spoke to himself, when the snake appeared again to knock him straight off the tree and land himself in the shallow water.
Entry 416 12/09/07 00:00
The man followed the boy with his gaze as he flew into the tree and then fell into the lake because of a slithery reptile that just happened to be as harmless as one of the civilians in Amaiga. He sighed heavily and pinned the snake to the tree with his javelin.

"So, you know wind magic?" asked the man as he went over to help the boy out of the water, again. Also collecting his javelin on the way and hanging the dead snake over one shoulder. He knelt down at the waters edge and held out a hand.
Entry 417 13/09/07 00:00
'It's self taught; it's very weak, I've used up most of it.' He took the hand and helped himself up.

'Partly because when I was little my memories exhausted most of my power, I might be stronger but I doubt it. One of those memories were snakes. I hate memories.' He looked at the sky and sighed, it was darker than ever.

'Do you need a place to stay? I've got a small place, it's crammed but it works wonders. I'm saving up all the stuff so that I can get a proper education. I heard it's crazy expensive. But that's just street talk; always helps to be prepared.'
Entry 418 14/09/07 00:00
"Saving, huh?" The man said, amused by himself. "Saving is a long process. Although, it really depends on what town or city you get education and what school. Unless you want to study at the school in Venzet then you shouldn't have to save too much." The man looked down at the boy, a smile stretching over his face. "Thank you, I have a place of my own, but it is not here, in Amaiga. If you wouldn't mind sharing your house with a man like me than sure, go ahead, I wouldn't mind staying for a bit. Besides, looks like you need the company." The smile was bigger by this point. "By the way, the names Khalon."
Entry 419 14/09/07 00:00
'Name's Haing. And it'd be nice to have some company over. Perhaps you can teach me a lot of things about school and life. Maybe you can help categorize things.'

He looked at the ground.

Why the heck did I go through all the trouble of getting all this stuff? I'm too stupid to get into a highly academic school.

'It doesn't matter whether you come or not, an odd glare was showing in his left eye and a sparkle in his right. Almost like he had magically turned into a different person.
'If you plan on coming, follow me.'

With that he turned his heels and walked towards the town. He fingered his necklace. It wasn't there.
Entry 420 27/09/07 00:00
His eyes widened in disbelief, his right pupil was getting incredibly small as he noticed the mistake. It could have been missing for days, weeks, even months. The only thing he was entrusted to keep was lost. The only real present he was ever given, lost.

'Was I wearing a necklace when you saw me?'

Then a clear shot came to his mind.

'She's alive, and she wants me dead. I won't be able to survive the next encounter.

With these thoughts, he passed out on the ground heavily sweating as if he had just received a high fever.

'I can't believe this is possible...'

His right pupil had turned to it's normal size, and after that event he closed his eyes and tried to drive the image out of his mind.
Entry 421 27/09/07 00:00
Khalon watched the boy as he muttered to himself, acting very unusual. Then, afterwards he fainted, sweating and looked as though he had a fever suddenly. He looked left and right then back at the boy, lying there on the ground, almost lifeless. Thinking he should do something he picked the boy up and took him to an old house he knew just out of Amaiga, near the farms.

Once he reached the house he put Haing on a couch. Although the house was abandoned, Khalon tried his best to keep it clean and it was perfectly livable save the excess dust. Within minuted the stone fireplace was roaring and gave the room a warm orange glow. Khalon sat on a nearby couch and waited for the boy to wake. He looked like he was in a bad dream but thought it best not to wake him.
Entry 422 28/09/07 00:00
Whether or not I'm imagining things, it's still gone. I may have misplaced it, there may be a ton of things of its' location, I lost it.

The possibilities ran through his mind, and then the memories of a little girl about his age, with the same eyes, only the colours were reversed. The last thing he remembered of the girl was the necklace, then she went away.

After the memories, everything seemed to fade off, as if it were missing completely, he fell into a deep sleep and everything seemed to dance inside the shadows. Suddenly there was screaming, and not just any screaming but his own; when he was a child.

His eyes opened after the scene, he had lost his eyesight in his right eye momentarily, his pupil had lessened in its size and gone back to normal. For the first time in a while he felt secure, but it also felt he was missing something.

'I can't remember... what was her name? She looks exactly like me, even at height. Do I have a past, or even a last name? Is this even my real name? I can't remember anything, only receiving the necklace, and a large welling at my right eye.'

He held his hand over his right eye, it felt normal, maybe he was thinking about what had happened to him as a child and why he has so many physical ailments, and phobias. But the one thing was sure; that necklace was a present, the only one he was ever given, and by the looks of it, his twin sister.
He doubted it though. But it seemed both an omen or an ailment. Even after seriously thinking of it, but not remembering ever to get beaten up.

He felt his right eye twitch, and go numb, and his left hand felt broken, not only his left hand but his entire left arm and his arm falling out of his socket. He held his left arm with his right. Biting his lip the entire way.

'Do I look injured to you, I feel like my entire body's all of a sudden murdering me. I'm thinking of a good memory, an old one, but every time I'm touching base with it a new part of me is hurting.'

By then he let out a scream and held his back. The feeling was prickly like a bunch of bee stings but there seemed to be no problem with his back. No scars, nothing. Maybe it had something to do with the snakes he feared.

'Why am I suddenly feeling things that have never happened or I can't remember happening before. Did I undergo some kind of torture? It feels like I'm going to die. This could be why I'm so useless with my magic. I lost the necklace, big deal, why am I suddenly dying because of it?'

Tears swelled up in his eyes as he tried to calm himself down and find out the problems with his sudden breakdown.
Entry 423 28/09/07 00:00
Khalon sat on the couch opposite to Haing still, staring at the boy as he seemed to be in pain. The fire roared beside them, Khalon had put as much wood in there to build the heat up, thinking it would drive out whatever was inside of Haing.

"Do not worry, Haing. This is only but mental pain, it is only you who is doing it and only you who can stop it." Khalon said with stern words. " Listen to me boy. Focus. Stop. Calm. It is you who has control over your voice."
Entry 424 29/09/07 00:00
'That necklace, was it the only memory I really had, the only sense of security? I've never felt such a pain before. Is it because of the necklace, or remembering it's origins. I'll try harder to stop the pain. It's my body, my mind, it hurts, but I'll make it all stop.'

He held his dagger to his left arm and made a large cut into his t-shirt. In his mind there was a lot of blood on his side, and his shoulder was hanging low. But then the vision went away. He cut a little bit more into his shirt.
More blood, and a lot of scars.

'I see blood, I see scars. But they've all disappeared after a few seconds. Have I gone insane? What are these memories?'

Pretty soon he had torn his entire shirt off, and with it the pain. There was a lot of blood and scarring in the visions, even an occasional snake. But he was fine now. Just trembling a lot.

'Have you noticed the colour of my eyes? They never were like this before. I can't remember what happened to them, but my right one has changed. Just as the problems with it. And...'
he turned bright red.

'I guess I haven't been watching my diet, that bulge was never there before.'

He poked at his abdomen, which had the makings of a six-pack.

Alright, I brought another t-shirt. But it looks a little small now, it's better than nothing.

He put on an identical white t-shirt, which appeared a little bit smaller and could not fit his head easily through it. This time it didn't hang off of him. It struck on tight to show his muscles, but the rusty stain on the back of it was bugging him.

'Thanks, for everything. I guess I'd have killed my own self if you weren't here. It's very cold now. I don't know why. Maybe I was in such a frenzy I began to heat up. Anyways, is this where you're from? It's peaceful; quiet even. It seems all too familiar and...'

He rushed to look out the window.

'What?' The vision flew by his mind again. The flowers, the smell, the soft breeze on his face. He even imagined that he was there again and the girl.

Except she was wearing normal clothes, maybe even luxurious clothes, and he was wearing slacks. They couldn't have been twins, and his hair was far too uncared for.

In his imagination the necklace sparkled and winked at him, his younger self looked over towards him and the vision faded.

'I've been here before. I don't know how long ago, I've been here before. Just outside of this hut.'
Entry 425 29/09/07 00:00
'I am going insane, there's nothing here.'
He muttered to himself, he bit his lower lip and scrunched his eyes.

'Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. What's wrong with me?'
His grip tightened on the windowsill and he continued to climb out of it until his nose could reach the ground. Then he fell off and bruised the backs of his ankles quite badly.

'I'm definitely a new hazard to myself. What was up with that necklace, nothing bad ever happened to me, it kept me in line.' He looked at the ground, nothing new.

'I'm an idiot, even though you may know how to help me it might just be better if you stay out of this. I'm hazardous to everything around me at current.' His right eye's pupil had tightened until suddenly you could only see only the grey iris, he was blind once again in his right eye and twisted his right ankle in a dip on the ground as he was running.

'It's useless, I can't run anymore.' He closed his eyes and wished for a miracle to happen, the sparkle of the necklace was in his eye, he opened his right eye, it was normal. The same boy from before was looking at him. He looked back. The sparkle of the necklace distracted him from seeing that the boy's right eye was also grey, and had an enlarged pupil. But as soon as he blinked he was gone.

'So this kid is going to haunt me now?' He grabbed his dagger and drove it into the ground. 'I'm an idiot. none of this is real!'
Entry 426 30/09/07 00:00
The man got up and walked over to the open window. Cold rushed into the warm house and the man leaned on the windowsill, looking out at the boy trying to run away and saying how much of an idiot he was.

"That kid is a worry..." The man sighed under his breath.

He quickly jumped out of the window and landed on the ground heavily, his equipment rattling. He walked to the boy and stood next to him. "What is this necklace you keep talking about. I don't remember seeing it. Tell me more."
Latest Post Entry 428 02/10/07 00:00
[1] ]

'So, you never saw it, eh? So I lost it before the lake. It was a present, the last memory I remember, I was about eight years old. I can't remember how old I am now.'

He took a breath, he was speaking rather fast and like a child.

'I remember that the girl had a grey eye to the left, and a steel blue to the right, like mine, only hers doesn't grow larger or smaller in my memory. She looked like me, even was my height, only she was dressed like a rich girl. I was in slacks... I think...

He squinted hard to remember.

'In fact, I can't even remember what it looks like... if I see it I'll know.'

He slapped himself for his own stupidity.

'Only present given to me, and I can't remember what it was. I'm an idiot and the whole place can laugh at me.'
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