Always Watching (Completed)

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Entry 872 17/06/07 00:00
She straightened her back, narrowing her eyes on imaginary movements below. Something about this night made Kuvre on-edge. The wind was blowing hard, rustling the leaves on everything. Her ears caught hold of noises underneath the clatter of the forest, but her mind couldn't make sense of them.

Perching high in the trees she stayed out of sight, and could see most everything below easily, though the clamor of leaves made it hard to distinguish sounds and their location. She sighed a bit and slouched again, holding her bow tightly in her hands.
Entry 873 01/07/07 00:00

Imros grinned, looking up from his well covered position. To think he'd out-positioned her gave him a little glimmer of pride. however today, his pride had begun to manifest itself as mischief.
He grabbed a pebble and looked over to her again, this was going to be fun, though he knew he had an equal chance of getting killed.
He launched the rock through the trees with a giggle as it rebounded off the back of the other keid's head. Now the fun began. 

Entry 874 02/07/07 00:00
As the pebble hit, Kuvre's bow string sprung back quickly, the point of her arrow aimed towards the giggling below. She eased the bow back down and placed both into her quiver and jumped lightly from the tree. She stepped closer to the laugher and narrowed her eyes on his face.

She leaned in close to him and spoke with a stern whisper, "You could be dead right now, you know that?" She studied him for a moment, "I guess you did." She stepped back and looked around, thinking something had slipped while her head was turned. "What are you doing out here--besides causing mischeif?"
Entry 875 02/07/07 00:00
Imros grinned, "I was just playing," he smiled, looking across at her. "you wouldn't shoot me would you!" he continued in mock horror.
He straightened himself up to his full height and looked at her. "Buroba sent me to keep a look out for Fanorans, what are you doing stalking around out here?" he said importantly before making another attempt to annoy her; he was in that kind of mood.
Entry 876 03/07/07 00:00
"I should have..." Kuvre muttered, turning from him and heading back to her post, grabing lower treelimbs to pull herself up on. She quickly scaled the tree and settled herself at her post. "I am here on my own will, if you really did want to know."

She took on her previous position, pulling her bow out plus an arrow. She continued to sit in the silence, then looked down at the other Keid, "Are you going to stay down there all night or come up and out of the way?
Entry 877 03/07/07 00:00
"Oh how could I possibly refuse!" Imros cooed and leapt into the tree after her.
hours had passed and they were still at in silence. He sighed again and leant back against the tree trunk, she was being overly aloof tonight, even for Kurve. "So why are you really out here? Surely you didn't just suddenly have the urge to come and sit in the middle of the forest, way up a tree on your own," he said, making another attempt at conversation - though it seemed more like he was trying to pick up a needle with work gloves on.
He looked over to her again, waiting for a reply, whether he would get one or not was another story.
Entry 878 04/07/07 00:00

Kuvre didn't turn to Imros to respond, but kept her eyes moving over the landscape, "I like being alone. The quiet is good for thinking." She left the subject hang--she had answered enough questions.

"So you were sent? I don't need to be sent to know my duty." She crossed her arms and leaned back against the tree, closing her eyes slightly. The quiet surrounded them for a brief while, and Kuvre rested knowing that another pair of eyes were open.
Entry 879 04/07/07 00:00

Imros glared at her, "I know my duty!" he said hotly folding his arms indignantly. He was starting to get annoyed now. 
Suddenly, he heard a faint rustling noise from below. "You said something about duty..." he smirked, as he knocked an arrow. "Let's get too it!" he grinned and leapt out of the tree.
Entry 880 05/07/07 00:00
Her eyes popped open, "What do you think you're doing?!" She whispered loudly, watching his body dissapear down the tree. She quickly sat up and looked down. Her eyes picked up signs of struggle, so she soon dissapeared down the side of the tree.

Entry 881 05/07/07 00:00

"Oh, Nice of you to join me!" Imros growled as he saw her appear behind him. He dived into the shrub again and dragged a small grey ball of fur. "Now what do you suggest we do with this? Who knew they were sending kids anymore," He smiled, hoisting the things up and looking at it as it beared it's teeth. "A itsy bitsy Fanoran," he giggled, poking it on the nose and narrowly saving his finger from being eaten.
"Well...What you reckon, let it go or give it to Buroba?" he questioned, turning around.
Entry 882 06/07/07 00:00
"Be careful, this one can still be dangerous." Kuvre said, though a smile had grown on her face. She took a few steps around the Fanoran, examining it carefully. "Let it go, I don't think this is what we need to worry about."

She pulled an arrow taught across her bow, "Go on, I'll make sure it goes the right direction."
Entry 883 09/07/07 00:00
"You Sure? I mean, it's got a tongue in it's head and we've no idea how long its been out here and more to the point...what it might have seen," he mused, hoisting the ball of fur a little higher, surveying it again as it beared it's teeth again. "It could still talk...Still want to let it go, Buroba might be interested in this little guy," Imros reasoned, looking back over to the other keid.
Entry 884 09/07/07 00:00
She gave him a frustrated look, then inched as close as she could to his ear, her voice barely audible, "This is just a distraction, can't you see?" She took a step back and eyed the creature. How could something so small be so packed with evil? Then, turning to Imros, she spoke, "You can take it wherever you want, but we better keep on our guard."

She tightend her grip on the arrow still strung across the bow. She craned her neck and strained her eyes to penetrate every shadow. No movement.
Entry 885 10/07/07 00:00
Imros looked at her with raised eyebrows. "Distraction?" he asked,as he looked back to the small Fanoran "You a distraction little guy?" he cooed but watched Kurve surveying the area. 
"You think there are more up there?" he whispered, looking into the 'empty' trees.
Entry 886 10/07/07 00:00
"Why else? This little fellow couldn't do much more tha--" But she stopped short, a snap caught her ear. It came from the left. She quickly aimed her bow directly toward it. She took a careful step closer, and then another. A flash of birds ascended into the sky, startling Kuvre. An arrow went flying up, into a tree, showing down leaves and small twigs. She quickly jumped back, hoping the clamour wasn't heard by anything else that may be around.

The little Fanoran smirked, it's large eyes watching the leaves drift down around Kuvre. "And you think I'm no threat?" It piped out.

She turned, her face still displaying shock, "I never said that."
Entry 887 12/07/07 00:00

Imros looked down at the small, smug ball of grey fur, "Not to say I told you so...but I told you so!!" He grinned, as inwardly as he could. 
"So Fuzz-ball. How many of you are hiding away up in these trees?" he snarled, looking back across at Kurve.
An unpleasantly serene silence drifted across the forest. He looked back up into the trees, still raining leaves down. He was all out of ideas, he knew thy couldn't take all the Fanoran's by themselves - because he was almost certain that they were outnumbered.
He looked over to his counterpart for ideas.
Entry 888 12/07/07 00:00

She was a bit empty minded, still recovering from the shock of her stupidity. "Let's go somewhere less open." She said, turning around, though still looking upwards. She took steps around her companion and their captive, "Quickly, now!" She stepped speedily and silently into an area thick with foliage, large leaves draping overhead lazily, creating a canopy of safety. They ventured deeper into the odd hideaway, turning down selected paths, passing up others. She led the group to a small cove beneath a large treeroot, growing strangely out of the ground. She slipped beneath and placed her hands on her head, her mind digging deep into tunnels of thought. "Rope over there." Her voice spoke absentmindedly.

Had they seen them? Did they know where the two Kieds were? Did they follow, and hopefully get lost in the maze of trails? She had nothing to work with but a small captive. She didn't know what sort of capabilities her partner had, she didn't even know his name, but being in front of the enemy was no time to ask. If only the two could get the Fanorans spread out, so that they could take them down one by one. But how? She voiced her thoughts, then waited for Imros' answer.
Entry 889 13/07/07 00:00

"Bit of a dilemma isn't it..." he muttered, gingerly poking his head out from inside the cave in the vain hope that he would see something. He looked across at her, she seemed panicked, understandably. 
He hated getting caught between Fanoran's and the village - it made it too complicated. He tried to remember if he'd actually introduced himself to her at any point, but he assumed this wasn't he right time for formalities.
"Let's see what you little friend can tell us," he said hoisting the Fanoran off the floor. "How many are there?" he snarled a he creature.
"More than there are of you!" it snapped, grinned smugly at him.
He glanced over his shoulder at the low rumbling in the distance. They sounded like they were forming an army. But that was impossible.
"Call them off!" he ordered
"Make me," the Fanoran countered. This was getting ridiculous.
"Ideas Kurve?" he asked, now fully aware that she would have no idea how he knew her name.
Entry 890 14/07/07 00:00
She felt a tinge of hopelessness, but quickly wiped it away. "If it's really an army, than we really need a great plan." She rested her head in her palms, tapping her head with one fore-finger. The small creature was tricky; small and young, but surprisingly smart. She had to outwit it at it's own game, which she convinced herself could happen.

"If you have an army, then I guess I'll have to call in ours." She poured out a variety of noises, those from a twitter of birds to a soft howling of, to any one's understanding, an injured rodent. When she had finished, she almost expected Kieds to drop from the sky. 

She poked at the Fanoran, though gingerly and pulling her hand away quickly soon after. Even though it was small, and otherwise cuddly due to a luxurious coat of fluff, it had surprisingly sharp teeth packed behind it's smirk expression. "Okay, little fellow, time to gag you, unless you have anything to say before we throw you to our friends?"
Latest Post Entry 891 15/07/07 00:00
Imros smirked, she was a genius.
The Fanoran looked panicked, it was far to young to know that Kurve wasn't actually calling anyone. It looked around frantically.
"Don't gag me!" He snarled, making another pass at Imros.
"Call them off and we'll consider it," Imros growled, this little guy was starting to get on his nerves.
The ball of fluff started to looks worried again, it obviously though that the sky was bout to rain Keids.
It turned to Kurve and widened it's eyes, pouting a little. Imros chuckled "Believe me mate, that doesn't work on Keid girls!" he teased, looking over to Kurve wearing a silly grin.
He straightened himself up. "Anyway - Anything to say before he gag you?" he asked, though he was starting to feel surprisingly mean.
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