A Spiritual Quest (Completed)

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Entry 1492 05/01/07 00:00
Fin Azure walked into the gates of Alacas from the west, eagerly looking about at the beautiful city before him.  Fin had been here once as a child, but this time he was here to stay until he found what he was looking for. After gazing at the view for a few more moments he set off to find the Arda Inn; a fancy place on the outside compared to what he was used to. However, his long-term room in the attic was quite reminiscent of his former residence. Upon unpacking his belongings, he set out to find the Central Library to immediately seek work and begin his research....
Entry 1493 05/01/07 00:00

The grey-haired man by the end of the isle had been watching the youth shuffle through books for some minutes, admiring how utterly lost in another world the kid seemed. The old man was not big, nor was he thin, and he didn't look decrepit as one would think a librarian would look. He looked to his left, then to his right, and he faced back down the isle and cleared his throat. 

"Can I help you?" he asked gently, shifting up his glasses. "You seem... somewhat lost, if you don't mind me saying so."
Entry 1494 05/01/07 00:00
Fin jumped slightly when the man spoke, being highly focused on the book he had been reading snippets from.

"Ah, umm.....yes, actually. You see, I've never been to such a large library before, and well, these are fascinating books, really; but I'm looking for books with lore of Leuvana.  I was an experienced librarian in Ubura, but they hardly had whole wings devoted to subjects! Oh! And do you have some sort of master index?"

As he spoke he placed the books he had pulled back in their appropriate places, and out of habit grabbed a slightly mishelved book and moved it a few books over to the correct shelving.
Entry 1495 05/01/07 00:00
The old man smiled wryly and moved a hand to his mouth as though on instinct to forgotten habits - smoking a pipe - and he answered quite slowly. 

"Leuvana. Hmm. You're interesting in light and healing magic, are you?" He looked the youth up and down with his keen eyes, now leaning against the shelf with his shoulder. "I'm afraid you'll have to be more precise. A master index tells you where to find something. It doesn't tell you what you want to find."
Entry 1496 05/01/07 00:00
Fin put his hand to his own forehead. "Ah! you're right sir, I suppose a master index wouldn't be so useful in my case.  As to what exactly I'm looking  for concerning Leuvana, I suppose I'm most interested in her connections with this world, or, more precisely, the Truebloods."

He said this, wincing slightly after he had mentioned 'Truebloods', as the word generated nothing but reproach from the scholars in his hometown, and he was half-expecting the same reaction from this man as well...
Entry 1497 05/01/07 00:00
"Truebloods..." the man repeated slowly. He began to approach the youth, his brows furrowing in thought. "Truebloods... Whatever you heard about them is a lie." He spoke louder now, almost as though he wanted whoever was nearby to hear him. When he reached Fin, he put his face close to the young man's and whispered, "You want to be reading another collection, lad. Would you follow an old librarian to his home? I collect things you won't see anywhere else. What do you say to that?"
Entry 1498 05/01/07 00:00
Fin caught the man's meaning and soon his cringe turned to a smile. 

"That would be very much to my liking, sir!" Fin said holding down his excitement. "Ah, and I never got your name; I am Fin C Azure."
Entry 1499 05/01/07 00:00
"I'll tell you my name when we reach my home," the man said as he led Fin straight out of the library. 

They emerged into the extravagent streets of Alacas, containing the finest white architecture to be found for ages. The old man caught the gaze of almost everyone he passed, and most smiled and waved. For a librarian, he seemed well-known. They walked towards the middle of the city and began to head towards the large white manor in the middle, surrounded by waterwalls that flow from nowhere and into large crystal basins. They walked up the stairs, past the columns, and towards the front door. 

"Have you figured it out yet?" he asked his companion with a smile. "I am Amarion Alacas. This is my city."
Entry 1500 05/01/07 00:00
"A-Alacas!? You mean you're THE Alacas!? It's truly an honor, sir! Really! I mean.......I don't know what to say, you're really going to show me one of your personal collections!?" Fin was ecstatic, he had been highly puzzled by where the man was taking him, but thought he was just in the employment of Alacas, not Alacas himself! This HAS to be good!
Entry 1501 05/01/07 00:00
Amarion simply smiled and put a hand on Fin's shoulder to guide him inside. 

"You have this inquisitive nature that reminds me of my children and grandchildren," he said. "You have this energy about you one cannot simple ignore."

They walked down the main hall and quickly entered a small mazy of corridors on an upper story. He opened the door to a dark room with no windows and lit a lantern, placing it on a table. The room was long, but it could not be told how long, for it was lined with bookshelves. 

"Leuvana, was it?" he asked, going to a shelf and shifting his glasses while he scanned covers. "Why such an interest in her? And why in the Truebloods? How do you even know about such a sacred race?"
Entry 1502 06/01/07 00:00
Fin was marveling at all the books. "....and I thought there couldn't be any more books in the world..." he said to himself before snapping back to reality. "oh, yes, I've been researching the gods for a long time, and I've been extremely fascinated with them. Nikina's children in particular.  and of All his children, she is the only one said to have a direct influence on mankind. Sure Nikina created us and pushes back the god of chaos, but I already know alot about Nikina; however, I know very little about who Leuvana really is and her intentions.  As to how I know of the Truebloods, it was in an old book that I found in a pile in the library basement; it hadn't been touched in who knows how long, but it said that contrary to what many books say, she does not look like the Sirins, but rather the original race; the Truebloods. They're similar, but there are differences.... Unfortunately the book had no title or author, and the page after was torn out."

Fin then said with a passionate voice almost beyond his years....almost.....

"And all of this is so that I can finally meet this race that is so close to her, the goddess who aids the people of Riiga, and even one day call myself a priest of Leuvana!"

Fin then dropped out of his holy vigor, looking considerably more unsure of what he had just said, while he began composing apologies in his head for getting so worked up.
Entry 1503 06/01/07 00:00
Amarion simply burst out into a heart laughter. After a minute he calmed himself. 

"Ohh... Oh my. Quite the enthusiasm, child. I'm afraid you have much to learn about the children of the gods yet. Though it's true what they say; that most of them dwell elsewhere, out of sight, some also walk among us. But if you want to find out about Leuvana, that's fine by me. I've done research on it myself but when I realised I would have to leave the comfort and security of my home, family, and city, I was quite quickly put off. Other things became more important and just now that adventurous urge within me is sparking again... thanks to you."

He drew some books from the shelf and went and sat on the desk, letting a bit more light from the lantern. "I can try and answer any immediate questions you have to help you, for a start."
Entry 1504 06/01/07 00:00
"Thank you, sir! I know I have much to learn, but that is why I've come to this city." 

Upon hearing his offer, Fin replied "You're more than kind, sir. If I may, Who ARE the Truebloods? or, more precisely, what do they have to do with Leuvana. And then, What exactly is Leuvana's aim...?"
Entry 1505 06/01/07 00:00
"Whoa, easy there boy," he said, holding up his hand. "You're asking some pretty complex things there. I'm not sure I even have enough answers for you, but I'll tell you what I know. The Truebloods, simply put, are a race of people very connected with spirituality. In fact, they're so connected that many have the ability to 'travel' to Adumbra, where the dead go."

He paused and folded his hands, looking down at the table. His eyes flashed with reminiscence in the lantern's light. "Adumbra is almost the same as the world we know, but everything is... black as midnight, if not darker. Your vision blurs rapidly and your hearing turns even whispers into warbled moans. When you reach out to touch something that appears right before you, you find yourself stumbling forwards into shadow. That is their land. That's the land the Truebloods guard. That is, if you will, their 'duty'. It's the duty bestowed to them by Leuvana."

He paused again, drawing in a slow breath. "I'm not sure what you mean by Leuvana's aim. It's true that the Odanon and Hireos have purposes but I am not positive that's what you mean..."
Entry 1506 06/01/07 00:00
Fin was heavily pondering what he had just heard from Alacas, and after a few moments he replied "ah, what I mean is what she plans to acomplish, you know, what she wants to do. I know she aids the people and that all light magic is said to come from her, but what is her goal? is it realy just to help mankind?"
Entry 1507 06/01/07 00:00
"Some people say their goal in their life is to just enjoy it, and fulfil their dreams and desires," Amarion began. "The less selfish focus on their duties, both to the world and to themselves. Leuvana, though torn from Nikina's ideals, helps only those who ask her for help. If she she followed Nikina, she would help who he asked her to. Because she is neutral, she answers only to herself and of course to Forganad."

He opened a thick book, turned a few pages, and turned it around so Fin could read it. "Read this first. It's about Sirins, Truebloods, and humans."


"Seems to me like there's only one way to find out more, and that's to find the Truebloods. However, this means going to Fabia, and then heading north to Hluff. Are you prepared to do this?"
Entry 1508 06/01/07 00:00
Fin nodded "Yes, I've set out ready to do whatever it takes to find the answers I seek.  What must I do to get to this village? and how should I come to them in peace? They seem to hate all humans, and with relatively good reason...."
Entry 1509 07/01/07 00:00
Amarion folded his hands together and rested his chin on them, staring across the room for a moment. He muttered something to himself, quite inaudible, and sighed. 

"Indeed. To get that far you'll need transport. The two elders of Hluff are stubborn in their ways, but they are still young and not closed off to everything. We shall ride in my horse and cart. I'll have my eldest son lead in my absense. I'm sure nothing will go wrong. If we bring soldiers we would give the wrong impression."

He picked up the books and put them back where they were. "Does this appeal to you?"
Entry 1510 07/01/07 00:00
Fin could scarcely believe his ears, THE Alacas wanted to go on a journey with him! "of course sir! That would be very kind." he replied. "Is there anything I must do to prepare?"
Latest Post Entry 1511 08/01/07 00:00
"That depends what you'd like to bring," he said with a smile. He stood and went to the door. "The roads are clear at night, so find the carriage by the east gate at sundown and we can set off then." 

He left Fin in the entrance hall of his manor and went to prepare. 

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