A few Strong Men

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Entry 2588 28/01/07 00:00
The scruffy old beggar carefully climbed onto a wooden crate. Wobbling almost drunkenly to keep his footing on the rickety, makeshift podium.

"Ah've seen em." He ranted. "Seen em wif me own eye! Hulkin' beasts in robes. Strong as twen'y men or more. Righ here in our town they've come." He shouted drunkenly at passers by. Some stopped and listened others just kept on about their business. "It's trouble they're about! Trouble ah tell yeh! With their strange magic an' all." He looked around the crowded market. "oo's gunna send em packin back across the sea where they come from? We got more'n enough mercenaries hear abouts an' there ain' no one as c'n tell me we ain!"

Entry 2589 03/02/07 00:00
Seeing the crazy old beggar, Leonidas thought nothing of him, until he heard "Strong as twen'y men or more. Righ here in our town"
Hearing such an incredible claim, he decided to sit and hear what the old man had to say.
"Say old man, what's this talk of Hulking Beasts? you'd better be telling the truth or else." He left the 'Or Else' part hanging, and it was clear what he meant.
Entry 2590 03/02/07 00:00
The Beggar looked toward the Leonidas, fixing his one good eye on the youth and just looked at him for a long moment clearly sizing him up. "Yer too pretty ta be so bold, kid." He grinned showing poorly kept teeth though Leonidas possibly couldn't see them from where he was. "Aint travelled much ahm guessin."

He looked around at the crowd. "Karithians is what they's called." He yelled. "They don' come from ere an they got magic like ah ain' seen b'fore. C'n freeze a full tweny armed men on the spot with jus a shake o' a rattle. Ah chased one meself, not far from 'ere an it were one o them what's got magic. Made a wall so hot yeh coulda fried meat on it."
Entry 2591 04/02/07 00:00
Looking amazed at the Old man's boast, Leonidas replied, "Only pretty because I never get hit in a fight.
You'd be surprised where I've travelled to... Old Man."
Listening to the Old Man's boast about these 'Karithians', Leonidas starts to believe that he has made such a waste of his time.
However, he still feigns interest to let the old man have some dignity.
"So you say that you chased one not far from here? and it didn't decide to fry you? Having you been into the liquor much?"  Said Leonidas, with one eyebrow raised.
Entry 2592 09/02/07 00:00
"He did. I was there." Says a young man standing not far from Leonidas, a fancy looking crossbow strapped to his back. "Got froze solid just like he says. No idea why it didn't fry the beggar." The guy with the crossbow moved a little closer to Leonidas and lowered his voice. "Wouldn't go gettin too vocal about him bein a drunk old fool neither. My father says he's lived here for years. Word is he's got connections, important ones, but no body knows for sure."

Meanwhile the beggar fixed his one eye on Leonidas again. This time he stepped down and hobbled over to the brash youth who was clearly new to town. The smell of him is the first thing the kid would notice, unwashed for several days if not longer. He leant on the staff he carried and chuckled to himself. "That one," his breath smelt like something had crawled into his mouth and died, that or it was his rotting teeth, "my pretty," he leered creepily at Leonidas mostly due to the vicious scar on his cheek, "was more interested in gettin away then gettin in a fight. Sides, ah might be old but ah aint stupid." He pointed at his forehead, "Up here fer thinkin," then grabbed at the front of his tattered robes around where his groin would be, "down 'ere fer fun. Weren't just me chasin it yeh see. Ah 'ad backup, yeh see."
Entry 2593 24/04/07 00:00
Acknowledging the newcomer Leonidas decided to see if he knew what he was doing, or if he was just a sycophant for the old geezer there.
"Well hello there, why have you decided to just butt in? Do you know how to use that pretty crossbow you have there or is it just for show?" Moving closer, he murmured "I don't care just how long he has been here, or what connections he has, none of that matters if he is dead" said Leonidas, tapping the youth on his chest.
Turning his attention back to the beggar, deciding that he might as well talk to him.
Abhorring the foul stench coming from the man, he stated "Well old man, if what you say is true, I don't know about wanting to fight with you if you're so ready to turncoat and run, and with your bad breath and looks, I think it's hard for you to find your 'fun', unless it's with your friend there".
Deciding that this all seemed alittle strange to him Leonidas thought  he might aswell try and find something else to do, but thought better of it, if this old beggar was so important, then knowing him would be quite an advantage.
"Say old man, care to follow me to a tavern nearby? I'm sure we could get you something to eat and drink, maybe even throw some water on you, I've smelt dead bodies that are sweeter than you, hell we might even find some friends to check these 'Karithians' out for ourselves, have a nice little adventure here" said Leonidas grinning.
Entry 2594 10/06/07 00:00
At the mention of a Tavern and a drink, the beggar grins broadly. "A drink yeh say? Fine idea." He part coughs part chuckles and slaps Leonidas on the shoulder. "Lead on lad, lead on. Thar's a good one o'er that way." He pointed with his staff in the direction he intended. "Good service, don't ask too many questions, yeh follow me Lad?"
Latest Post Entry 2596 10/06/07 00:00
"Somehow I'd expect you to brighten up at the mention of a drink, unsurprising that you know exactly where the best tavern is.."
Leonidas began to walk towards the tavern, but paused suddenly.
"What about your young friend? Surely he wants to follow us, or is he merely a doll for you? To be used and thrown away?"
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