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  Name Rank Race Faction Residency Profession Member
Nari's avatar
Sirin East Huirnon Unspecified Treijim
Lekz's avatar
Human North Tasif Traveler Ethereal Panda
Diana Wiery's avatar
Diana Wiery
Human North Nidonn Shepherd Ethereal Panda
Aedus Maks Dhananjaya's avatar
Aedus Maks Dhananjaya
Human North Nidonn Fist-fighter.
Samdai's avatar
Human South Tasif Con artist, fortune teller, rogue
Faleidir (Flaid) Meloress's avatar
Faleidir (Flaid) Meloress
Human South Ideitess Alation Raox Siul Treijim
Epher Norem's avatar
Epher Norem
Human South Ideitess Mage
Jerich Von Kraij's avatar
Jerich Von Kraij
Human North Tasif Musician, Scholarly Theologist, Village Heir
Roan Wittaker's avatar
Roan Wittaker
Human Carson Institute North Tasif Fruit Farmer wildfiremagni
Master Darinian Bryce's avatar
Master Darinian Bryce
Human Carson Institute North Tasif None Treijim
Ethros's avatar
Human Carson Institute North Nidonn Mage
Amarion Alacas's avatar
Amarion Alacas
Human Governmental East Huirnon Sage Mayor Treijim
Huskaar's avatar
Ildemin Legionites North Ideitess Soldier Pando
Amos Lyfire's avatar
Amos Lyfire
Human Legionites North Ideitess Elite Guard Vetmora
Ferrius Eldon's avatar
Ferrius Eldon
Human Order of Dualkedor North Nidonn None Scraverx
Aria's avatar
Human Order of Dualkedor South Tasif Farseer
Sir Alden's avatar
Sir Alden
Human Phedailin Knights North Tasif Knight of Leotyne Treijim
Alexios's avatar
Human Phedailin Knights North Nidonn Prince of Duracia Treijim
Cyrus's avatar
Human Temple Defenders North Nidonn None Treijim
Troy's avatar
Human The Empire South Ideitess None Treijim
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