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  Name Rank Race Faction Residency Profession Member
Haing's avatar
Human North Tasif Unspecified memoricprism
Max's avatar
Ildemin South Ideitess Mercenary Max Füchs
Daven's avatar
Ildemin South Ideitess Mercenary Max Füchs
Lupe Vales's avatar
Lupe Vales
Human The Empire South Ideitess Intelligence Director for the Emperor Lupe_vales
Yohann's avatar
Human North Tasif pupil lumenox
Colin Renaiah's avatar
Colin Renaiah
Human North Tasif Pupil laurabeth
Kuvre's avatar
Keid Jindiara Unspecified laurabeth
Drake's avatar
Human North Tasif Champion laurabeth
Rain's avatar
Sirin East Huirnon Unspecified laurabeth
Epher Norem's avatar
Epher Norem
Human South Ideitess Mage KillerDice
Thane Thunnigan's avatar
Thane Thunnigan
Human North Tasif The Guards Karl
Kaian's avatar
Sirin East Huirnon Unspecified Kaian
Jack The Wereanimal's avatar
Jack The Wereanimal
Ildemin South Ideitess Mercenary Jack
Alysia Enasa's avatar
Alysia Enasa
Human North Tasif Commoner Imros
Imros Issilidhar's avatar
Imros Issilidhar
Keid Jindiara Unspecified Imros
Ashye's avatar
Ildemin East Huirnon Hunter Igellkott
Tarou's avatar
Ildemin North Ideitess Ex-Soldier/ Bounty Hunter Igellkott
Whispy Assassin's avatar
Whispy Assassin
Human North Tasif Unspecified gummiarms
Phoebe Albridge's avatar
Phoebe Albridge
Human North Tasif Guard/Guard gummiarms
Tisiphone Ardis's avatar
Tisiphone Ardis
Human North Tasif Merc gummiarms
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