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  Name Rank Race Faction Residency Profession Member
Pierce's avatar
Human North Tasif Unspecified Vetmora
Nesa Nugj's avatar
Nesa Nugj
Human North Tasif Shepherd
Colten's avatar
Human North Tasif Wannabe Mercenary Treijim
Lucian's avatar
Human North Tasif Noble Scraverx
Eric's avatar
Human North Tasif Thief Eric
Jeff's avatar
Human North Tasif Pirate/Pillager Vetmora
Captain Lionel Murdock's avatar
Captain Lionel Murdock
Human The Guards North Tasif None Treijim
Karel's avatar
Human North Tasif Unspecified Scraverx
Vice-General Cornelius Wolfe's avatar
Vice-General Cornelius Wolfe
Human The Guards North Tasif None Treijim
Ignatius's avatar
Human North Tasif Templar Treijim
Drahl Nul'Tereth's avatar
Drahl Nul'Tereth
Human North Tasif Mage Scraverx
Alex's avatar
Human North Tasif warrior/soldier Eric
Garrol "King of Thieves"'s avatar
Garrol "King of Thieves"
Human North Tasif Brigand Scraverx
Antrosia's avatar
Human North Tasif Assassin Vetmora
Aaron's avatar
Human North Tasif Archer/Soldier Scraverx
Keith Reminton's avatar
Keith Reminton
Human North Tasif Soldier Vetmora
Sir Alden's avatar
Sir Alden
Human Phedailin Knights North Tasif Knight of Leotyne Treijim
General Dandre Talos's avatar
General Dandre Talos
Human The Guards North Tasif None Treijim
Lekz's avatar
Human North Tasif Traveler Ethereal Panda
Jerich Von Kraij's avatar
Jerich Von Kraij
Human North Tasif Musician, Scholarly Theologist, Village Heir
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