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  Name Rank Race Faction Residency Profession Member
Jimmy Greyhair's avatar
Jimmy Greyhair
Ildemin East Huirnon Bandit Scraverx
Alysia Enasa's avatar
Alysia Enasa
Human North Tasif Commoner Imros
Blake Guillera Behaerahel's avatar
Blake Guillera Behaerahel
Human East Huirnon None Treijim
Cole Ryland's avatar
Cole Ryland
Human Temanea None Treijim
Aringe's avatar
Keid Jindiara Mercenary memoricprism
Lacey Sahirah's avatar
Lacey Sahirah
Human North Tasif Unspecified mnemosyne
Demetre's avatar
Human North Tasif Unspecified Vetmora
Daveth's avatar
Human North Tasif Druid Scraverx
Amon's avatar
Ildemin South Ideitess Bandit from the East verbed
Dirn's avatar
Sirin East Huirnon Thief Eric
Chreyshim Nkildnchta Barakaiah's avatar
Chreyshim Nkildnchta Barakaiah
Human North Tasif Slayer Treijim
Aidan's avatar
Human North Tasif Mercenary Ethereal Panda
Necri's avatar
Ildemin South Ideitess None wildfiremagni
Colin Renaiah's avatar
Colin Renaiah
Human North Tasif Pupil laurabeth
William Macelle's avatar
William Macelle
Human North Tasif None Treijim
Esmond Milreach's avatar
Esmond Milreach
Human The Guards North Tasif Grand Master Paladin Treijim
Master Darinian Bryce's avatar
Master Darinian Bryce
Human Carson Institute North Tasif None Treijim
Max's avatar
Ildemin South Ideitess Mercenary Max Füchs
Phoebe Albridge's avatar
Phoebe Albridge
Human North Tasif Guard/Guard gummiarms
Khalon's avatar
Human North Tasif Mercenary Vetmora
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