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  Name Rank Race Faction Residency Profession Member
Whip, the desert rat!'s avatar
Whip, the desert rat!
Ildemin South Ideitess Finder of shiny things. wildfiremagni
Aedus Maks Dhananjaya's avatar
Aedus Maks Dhananjaya
Human North Nidonn Fist-fighter.
Traephen Ardis's avatar
Traephen Ardis
Human North Tasif FistFighter and Student Dreadicon
Leif Sorenson's avatar
Leif Sorenson
Human North Nidonn FistFighter, 4th grade and trainer Scraverx
Anu Kaurden's avatar
Anu Kaurden
Human North Nidonn Fistfighter, 5th grade Treijim
Wildfire Magni's avatar
Wildfire Magni
Human North Tasif Former knight of Enos, currently brigand wildfiremagni
Roan Wittaker's avatar
Roan Wittaker
Human Carson Institute North Tasif Fruit Farmer wildfiremagni
Esmond Milreach's avatar
Esmond Milreach
Human The Guards North Tasif Grand Master Paladin Treijim
Aran's avatar
Sirin East Huirnon Guard Treijim
Phoebe Albridge's avatar
Phoebe Albridge
Human North Tasif Guard/Guard gummiarms
Ashye's avatar
Ildemin East Huirnon Hunter Igellkott
Rayne's avatar
Human North Tasif Hunter/messanger Tesunie
Lupe Vales's avatar
Lupe Vales
Human The Empire South Ideitess Intelligence Director for the Emperor
Jakim's avatar
Keid Jindiara Keid darkfoxprime
Sirena's avatar
Sirin East Huirnon Knight Fire Sirena
Sir Alden's avatar
Sir Alden
Human Phedailin Knights North Tasif Knight of Leotyne Treijim
Drahl Nul'Tereth's avatar
Drahl Nul'Tereth
Human North Tasif Mage Scraverx
Epher Norem's avatar
Epher Norem
Human South Ideitess Mage
Ethros's avatar
Human Carson Institute North Nidonn Mage
Neris Sharl's avatar
Neris Sharl
Human North Tasif Master Assassin Scraverx
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