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  Name Rank Race Faction Residency Profession Member
Alastar WaterWolf's avatar
Alastar WaterWolf
Human North Tasif Mercenary Alastar
Aedus Maks Dhananjaya's avatar
Aedus Maks Dhananjaya
Human North Nidonn Fist-fighter. Ambrose
Ethros's avatar
Human Carson Institute North Nidonn Mage André
Kelrian Alther's avatar
Kelrian Alther
Human North Tasif Unspecified Avalene
Talyndal Dacoras's avatar
Talyndal Dacoras
Human North Tasif Mercenary Avalene
Bran Talessin's avatar
Bran Talessin
Human North Tasif Unspecified beeurd
Nesa Nugj's avatar
Nesa Nugj
Human North Tasif Shepherd BluexSky
Miolos Rolani's avatar
Miolos Rolani
Human North Tasif Unspecified darkfoxprime
Jakim's avatar
Keid Jindiara Keid darkfoxprime
Denzel Tha Ninja-Bandit's avatar
Denzel Tha Ninja-Bandit
Human North Tasif Bandit Denzy
Traephen Ardis's avatar
Traephen Ardis
Human North Tasif FistFighter and Student Dreadicon
Fin C Azure's avatar
Fin C Azure
Human North Tasif Priest Dreadicon
Bradley's avatar
Human North Tasif Unspecified Eric
Dirn's avatar
Sirin East Huirnon Thief Eric
Luke 's avatar
Human North Tasif Noble Eric
Eric's avatar
Human North Tasif Thief Eric
Alex's avatar
Human North Tasif warrior/soldier Eric
Cliff Rammes (Walter Orewell)'s avatar
Cliff Rammes (Walter Orewell)
Human North Nidonn Traveler Ethereal Panda
Aidan's avatar
Human North Tasif Mercenary Ethereal Panda
Lekz's avatar
Human North Tasif Traveler Ethereal Panda
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