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  Name Rank Race Faction Residency Profession Member
Arrinor Harisn's avatar
Arrinor Harisn
Human North Nidonn Unspecified Revan
Nidelia's avatar
Ildemin South Ideitess Unspecified Nidelia
Rayne's avatar
Human North Tasif Hunter/messanger Tesunie
Cliff Rammes (Walter Orewell)'s avatar
Cliff Rammes (Walter Orewell)
Human North Nidonn Traveler Ethereal Panda
Akire Naomas's avatar
Akire Naomas
Ildemin South Ideitess Punk kid Tesunie
Bran Talessin's avatar
Bran Talessin
Human North Tasif Unspecified beeurd
Thane Thunnigan's avatar
Thane Thunnigan
Human North Tasif The Guards Karl
Farliquin's avatar
Ildemin South Ideitess Assassin Farliquin
Ashye's avatar
Ildemin East Huirnon Hunter Igellkott
Sven 'Worg-Bane''s avatar
Sven 'Worg-Bane'
Human North Tasif Self employed Hunter of all Oz
Miolos Rolani's avatar
Miolos Rolani
Human North Tasif Unspecified darkfoxprime
Nieko's avatar
Ildemin South Ideitess Unspecified Nieko
Yohann's avatar
Human North Tasif pupil lumenox
Jakim's avatar
Keid Jindiara Keid darkfoxprime
Whip, the desert rat!'s avatar
Whip, the desert rat!
Ildemin South Ideitess Finder of shiny things. wildfiremagni
Whispy Assassin's avatar
Whispy Assassin
Human North Tasif Unspecified gummiarms
Tarou's avatar
Ildemin North Ideitess Ex-Soldier/ Bounty Hunter Igellkott
Mhkaia's avatar
Gruitin North Tasif Unspecified SirRob
Alysia Enasa's avatar
Alysia Enasa
Human North Tasif Commoner Imros
Aringe's avatar
Keid Jindiara Mercenary memoricprism
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